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Search Engine Scraper

What service Search Engine Scraper provides

We offer scraping large amounts of keywords for the Google Search Engine. Additionally, we support scraping the following search engines (only an excerpt):

  • Yandex - For Yandex, results include all SERP data from search results pages such as link, title, snippet and ads.
  • Duckduckgo - For Duckduckgo, results include all SERP data from search results pages.
  • Bing - SERP data (links, titles and snippets) of the results pages
  • Google Image Search - For image search, results include the link to the image result.
  • Google News Search - For News search, results include link and publication date to the article.

For all search engines, the results include links, titles and snippets from all results pages for each keyword.

In a first step, you must upload a text file that contains your keywords that you want to be scraped. Each line must have exactly one keyword. For example, a valid keyword file would be this file of the hundred largest cities in the US.

Then in a second step, after you have created the scrape job, you can download the scraping data as JSON or CSV file. The complete scraping results in JSON and CSV format for the hundred largest cities in the US can be downloaded here. The search engine used was Google.

API Access comes with an easy to use API that makes it easy to integrate live scraping results into your product.

After you have created an account, you can immediately start using the API with free monthly credits. This allows you to decide if we offer a service that suits your needs.

Advanced scraping projects

If you have special requirements for your scraping project, you can write us an email to our contact mail and ask us if we find a solution for your needs.

Test Live API

You can test the search engine scraping API by modifying the JSON payload below and then clicking the API request button.

Allowed values for region
us , de , uk , fr , ca , jp , kr , in

Allowed values for search_engine
google , google_image , google_news , google_news_old , duckduckgo , bing , yandex , infospace , webcrawler

// API Response Placeholder