Content Extractor

The content extractor allows you to submit a list of blog like urls and return structured JSON data from those urls. But what is a blog like url?

It is basically a url leading to a webpage with text content, a title, an author and an optional timestamp/date.

For example most news articles have those attributes. A twitter post has those attributes. Most blog posts follow this format. In general, most information published in the internet is in this informal format.

Why using content extractor?

Extracting valid structured data from random urls is not trivial and a messy job. Sometimes it's impossible. We at try to manage most cornercases such that you don't spend too much time with tedious tasks such as web scraping and data normalization.


You can process thousands of urls in few minutes

Pay for valid results

You will be billed for valid results only.

Real Browsers

All urls are visited with real browsers.