What We Do

Scrapeulous.com offers scraping search engines such as Google, Bing, Duckduckgo and others in large quantities.

Whether you need to analyze your competitors' market share with a keyword research, obtain search engine results for your scientific dataset, or find hidden links, Scrapeulous.com enables you to scrape an ever increasing list of search engines completely automatically.

Our core service is scraping search engines in large quantities. We offer API access to our services as well as the creation of individual scrape jobs in the backend.


Sole Proprietor: Nikolai Tschacher
Berlin, Germany - Bern, Switzerland
Email: contact@scrapeulous.com
Website: incolumitas.com


Why you should scrape search engines with Scrapeulous

Multiple Geographical Locations

We offer scraping from several different geographical regions. We support multiple locations from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Scraping with Real Browsers

Scraping results are obtained using real browsers This means that results are exactly the same as if a human would have launched the search. Results also include advertisement links and location results.

Results in Minutes

The whole scraping process is finished within minutes. It takes us not longer than 3 minutes to scrape up to 10000 keywords!

Many Search Engines

You can use many different search engines such as Google , Google Image , Google News , Google News Serp , Duckduckgo , Duckduckgo News , Youtube , Bing , Bing News , Amazon Products , Infospace , Webcrawler , Baidu .

Advanced Configuration

You can customize configuration parameters for search engines. For example, it's possible to set Google's search parameters such as num, gl, hl and google_domain

Pay for Valid Results only

You pay only for results that were successfully obtained. Due to the error prone nature of search engine scraping, we cannot always guarantee that we obtain all results, therefore our pricing strategy reflects this fact.

Search Engine API

Using our API allows you to integrate live and organic search engine results in your product. You can scrape up to 500 keywords per single api call! Scrapeulous scales horizontally, this means that searching 500 keywords in one API call does not take significantly longer than searching 1 keyword.

API Request Example

  "search_engine": "google",
  "num_pages": 1,
  "keywords": ["buy car boston"],
  "region": "us",
  "google_settings": {
    "gl": "us",
    "hl": "en",
    "start": 0,
    "num": 100

API Response

API Request Example

    "search_engine": "bing",
    "num_pages": 2,
    "keywords": ["boat prices",
                 "I should buy a boat"],
    "region": "uk"

API Response

Subscription Plans

One normal search equals one credit. We have three standard plans, including one free plan and arbitrary custom plans.


$0 / mo

  • 500 free monthly credits
  • Trial API Access
  • Email support
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$20 / mo

  • 5.000 monthly credits
  • Full API Access
  • Email support
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$50 / mo

  • 15.000 monthly credits
  • Full API Access
  • Email/Phone support
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$100 / mo

  • 32.500 monthly credits
  • Full API Access
  • Email/Phone support
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The keyword price depends on the number of pages for each keyword and whether you use advanced configuration parameters. The price below is shown for one page per keyword and without advanced parameters.



Base Price